Augmented Reality

Wide open opportunities of Augmented Reality through Ratoon. Through Ratoons control panel transfer your products or marketing assets into a scannable element to provide your customer details about your business in more interesting way with a 3D view.
Let the customer use our Ratoons Physical Web Browser app and scan any of those elements to feel that experience. Even you can distribute your PWA links through this.

Configuring your Augmented Reality objects:

  • Create an Account with Ratoon

  • Get into your account and visit the Augmented Reality management console

  • Upload the photo of the elements which you want to be scanned

  • Put details what you want to show upon scanning, along with URL if you want to open any particular link for more details

Mobile App Augmented Reality

Scan Real Life objects and get details:

Download the Ratoon Physical Web browser and use the Ratoon AR menu.

Scan the physical real life object and get the details what been stored for that.

mobile app augmented reality

Get more details by one click:

Find the More Details option on a nice 3D overlay

Click the button to get the PWA app on your mobile

mobile app augmented reality #2