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Own Your Crash Logs with PLCrashReporter: Part 3

In the third post of our PLCrashReporter series, we will walk through how to get PLCrashReporter up and running on your machine. And make sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 of our series if you haven’t already. Walkthrough It’s time to install PLCrashReporter and get your first crash report! Step […]

Own Your Crash Logs with PLCrashReporter: Part 2

Creating Crash Logs This is part two of our PLCrashReporter series. In this post, we will examine how crashes are created and learn more about specific crash types. A crash handler has a three-phase life cycle: Preparing to handle crashes – There are a lot of secondary responsibilities to account for, but the essential […]

Own Your Crash Logs with PLCrashReporter: Part 1

Welcome to the PLCrashReporter blog post series. For those unfamiliar with this crash reporting library, it is defined as follows: PLCrashReporter is a reliable open source library that provides an in-process live crash reporting framework for use on iOS, macOS, and tvOS. The library detects crashes and generates reports to help your investigation […]