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Customers play an important role for every business, be it a small start-up or a giant corporation. It is tough to acquire customers and it is equally difficult to retain them by meeting their needs. Businesses are lacking determination and vision when it comes to engaging with their customers. Not only interaction is a challenge they face but, re-engaging is another huge issue that many businesses have been facing these days. Here is where Ratoon apps become savior of large businesses.

Instant Content Update

Corporate can upload content as and when needed. the users can view the changes in real-time.

Send Push Notifications

You can send push notifications to your customer for re-engaging them with your brand.

Data Analytics

Reports with data organized in a meaningful manner can be prepared and used for forecasting growth and making critical business decisions.

Marketing through Social Networking

Broadcast your apps URL through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages for enhanced customer base.

Run Multiple Campaigns

Run more than one campaign at a time for improving online presence and acquiring customers.

Create Huge Menu list

Create a huge menu list that lets you showcase your products and services in depth.

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Corporate/Business App

Multiple channels to reach out

Ratoon apps are progressive web apps, the businesses get a URL with their domain name. They can post the URL in multiple distribution channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SMS, and many more. By doing so more people would get access to unique, high-quality, and top-of-line mobile apps in no time.

Real time content update

Large businesses are always rolling out new products or services. They need to keep their users updated about any change that they introduce in their business model. With Ratoon mobile apps, businesses get the freedom of updating content in real-time. With use, the content automatically gets updated at customers end.

Push notifications for offers and deals

To increase the number of satisfied customers the business must stay in constant touch with them. As Ratoon apps are progressive web apps, they allow the businesses to send push notifications as and when they want. The users can view the notifications even if the phone is in offline mode or the browser is close.

Analysis of data

The growth curve would get plateaued if they fail to understand the behavior of their customers. Ratoon apps support data analytics. Now businesses can monitor data and get reports on the bestselling product or bestselling service or bestselling campaign. Upon analyzing the reports, business can make decisions that helps improve sales.

Instant messaging platform

With Ratoon apps, the teams can interact in real-time. The team members can instantly share images, PDF files, messages, notifications,and much more with the help of this instant messaging platform even if they are oceans apart.

Quick and easy to use

Ratoon mobile apps are progressive web apps and therefore are convenient and easy to use. The best part is that it ensure high performance and fast speed. An employee with a little training will be able to work in the app. The apps offer native look and feel and thus can be easily used by even a beginner.

Secure Payment options

Recurrent expenses can be managed easily simply by linking the credit or debit card details to the account. Frequent travels, regular procurement, timely payment of employee salaries, and more can be managed with the help of Ratoon apps. Moreover images of the receipts can also be saved in the app. With customized online check- out system and make online payments and invoicing easier.

Post pictures and videos

Ratoon apps support augmented reality allowing you to upload images of the services and products they offer. For instance, a huge paint industry or construction firm can upload pictures of successful projects or products to garner the attention of new customers. With the help of Ratoon Physical Web Browsers, the users can view the images and get a better understanding of their work.

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