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For Legal Practices

Clients seeking legal advice are more likely to locate your practice through progressive web apps. Increase your Google ranking and offer new clients an easy way to browse your services, experience, and reviews

Attorney Resources

Display profiles for every legal professional in your practice to showcase their expertise, experience, and availability.

Instant Messaging

Eliminate barriers between new clients and your practice by allowing users the capability to instant message attorneys.

Social Media Marketing

Users can launch your web app from a URL your business broadcasts on Facebook, in an online ad, QR code, or text message.

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Consultation Scheduling

Ratoon’s 3rd party integration with Appointy empowers users to request consultations via your web app.

Content Management

Access and manage your content from anywhere using the Ratoon cloud.


Users can submit reviews about attorneys listed on your site and provide valuable feedback about your app.

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How Ratoon can help your

Legal Service Industry

Legal Service Industry

Display a list of top in line legal advocates / legal services

Legal services are best offered by best in class advocates. The legal advisory body can display a huge list of as many advocates and advisers as they want. They can also showcase their past professional records and their successful cases that they managed.

Learn about the best lawyers and the trending solutions

As the Ratoon apps support Data Analytics, it becomes easy for the advocates to track their service records. With the help of data analytics tools, the lawyers can get an idea of the trending cases that they receive the most, most popular case, recurrent clients, balance sheets and much more.

Popular legal services

Ratoon app offers legal services including business registration, intellectual property, tax returns and filing , consumer protection, legal documents, licences and registration, and much more. With such a variety of legal services, you can definitely acquire a huge base of customers.

Talk to a lawyer instantly

Ratoon apps allow the users to instantly talk to a lawyer. With features that allow the users to post his concern and ask for a lawyer to connect, make the process of seeking legal advisory simple and hassle free. The lawyers can see the issue or concern in real time and can give a prompt reply.

Distribute via different social channels

As the Ratoon app is a progressive web app, the users get URL that they can broadcast in channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SMS,and more. The end users who want to avail legal services can easily get in touch with the right lawyer and that also from the comfort of their couches.

User to user interaction

Ratoon apps also allow the users to write their feedback, reviews, and comments after consulting a lawyer upon closing of their cases. By observing, analyzing, and interacting with old users, new users can take a decision on whom to chose for their case. Comments dashboard and feedback forms can really come handy.

Legal Service Industry

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