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For the Logistics Professional

Ratoon has changed the logistics industry for the better. By offering custom-made apps that offer features for any size broker, 3PL or dispatcher. Looking for auto rating/booking features?  Maybe a custom loadboard or carrier vetting. Ratoon Apps has over 18 years experience in logistics and freight management. This insight offers the ability to have a developer who understands logistics and the intricacies.

Instant Content Update

Update app content in real-time and communicate directly online with potential clients.

Logistics CRM

Managing your customer data should not be daunting. Have Ratoon Apps built exactly what you need.

Instant Quoting/booking/tracking

Many major logistics companies offer API integration. Have us build you a custom solution

As Big or Small as YOU need

Stop trying to change your business model to fit into a TMS or CRM account. Ratoon can build it specific to your needs.

Marketing Integration

Automate emails, create master templates or create a drip campaign. You think it, we’ll build it.

App and Website Designing

Get a custom app at an affordable price. Ratoon Apps can even spruce up your website and logo.

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How Ratoon can help your

3PL /  Freight Forwarding Business

Offer Your Customers Real-Time Tracking Information

With Ratoon, we don’t stop at basic app development. We understand the 3PL/Broker industry and have over 20 years of logistics experience. This is not offered by any other app developer. From tracking to marketing to CRM, we got you covered.

API Integration

Ratoon has built custom rating apps that link your accounts via API with your TMS. We can create custom invoices, BOL’s, Waybills or any other branding to build customer loyalty. Ratoon recently created a logistics app that integrated four 3PL’s rating systems to offer a blended platform.

Customized to Your Needs, Not Ours.

Each app we develop is property of you, the client. Once we have an NDA, we will not even promote your company on a portfolio page. Unless you agree, no other company will know who built your app. We can even redesign your website or logo if needed.

Even Dispatchers Have An App.

Want to manage your leads and incorporate factoring or invoicing? Ratoon even has built a dispatching app that offers the ability to automate commission payouts, rate cons and banking. You dream it, we can do it.

Fully Functional and Fast

Apps today need to be solid and fast. Many developers piece together code to build new products. Ratoon Apps builds each app from the ground up. This is so if you decide to patent the app, you have no issues with it already patented.

Custom Marketing

Looking to be able to create marketing email templates? We can do that as well as set up a drip email campaign to ensure client retention. Send out site wide notices or specific marketing emails to close the deal.

Visibility Through All Browsers

Some app creators require limited browser support due to antiquated coding. Ratoon Apps build on a rock solid PWA foundation to ensure full functionality even offline no matter what you are accessing your app through.

Ratoon Apps Logistics App

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