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I am sure you have noticed there is an indisputable difference between a website and a mobile application.

Websites have a more extensive interface as compared to mobile applications and are structured in a way you can link up several pages on it.

Mobile apps, on the other hand, are easy to both acquire and install. Both have a multitude of pros packed up in their corners.

Now imagine having a website built to look and operate like a native mobile app but still possess the same web technology application! Sounds amazing right?

Well, someone already did it. Therefore, they added yet another invention to the limitless world of technology. This invention is known by the name Progressive Web Applications, mostly referred to as PWA.

PWA’s have taken the tech industry into a whole new age, and in this article, we shall be telling you why.

This kind of technology needs to adhere to a few fundamental instructions to be deemed functional.

PWA’s must be run under HTTPS; they need a service worker and also require the use of a web application manifest.

By operating under HTTPS, it guarantees the users a safe browsing experience. PWA development services by Ratoon Apps is an example of a firm that has adopted this idea and built marketable products around it.

1. They are Very Fast

Progressive web applications operate at a very high-speed meaning data is transferred at very fast bandwidths. It allows one to use it in real-time as well as offline, even under adverse or unstable network connections.

Its speed is attributed to the fact these apps use a service worker, which makes the access of offline info easier.

They are very responsive, considering they react quickly to user interactions with no lags or loading drags.


2. They Are Network Independent

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Their network independence is because they can also be used offline. And because of this advantage, one is still able to access data at whatever time even after a network connection has been cut off.

Progressive web apps work everywhere offering the same features as the traditional mobile apps.


3. They are Linkable

Just like a website, Progressive web apps can also be linked to a number of pages that can be accessed either online or offline.

This allows a user to access information that may not have fit in the front interface, making it an efficient way to store data.

The links go a long way into making the Progressive Web applications more efficient as they get to use the same space but give more information on a specific subject with a link on it.


4. They Are Cost Effective

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Because they are a combination of web tech and native mobile apps operating system, progressive web App’s run smoothly as a typical app and a website at the same cost.

This combination sort of creates a superior blend that is very cost effective. The fact that it works offline increases the time that you get to utilize your data connection.

Meaning under the same context, you access more information as compared to when using a native app or a typical website separately.


5. They Are Easily Installable

Taking into account that PWAs look and operate just like native apps, they are easy to acquire through the internet as well as various mobile application stores.

In addition to that, the installation process is very easy to initiate. It has straightforward installation instructions that almost everyone can follow. All you need is space, and you are good to go.

You do not need special permissions or possess advanced skills to install a progressive web app.


6. They Are Reliable

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They are considered reliable because they never crash or lag. One is able to carry out a task without facing unprecedented interruptions like typical applications, which meet limitations of either network surges or depletion of usable data.

Even in times of heavy traffic of information being processed, their speed remains uncompromised.


7. They Do Not Require Regular Updates

Another benefit Progressive Web Apps offer is that they do not require regular updates as typical apps periodically request. Actually, most PWAs do not need updates entirely.

In case an update is needed, you will only get to see it at as you use the app as opposed to how the native apps carry updates out; loading them in the background. Even when updates are made, they take shorter times.



Lastly, we can confidently conclude that PWAs have revolutionized the tech industry. No longer will a shaky network connection tire you from accessing information from the internet. You can now browse faster, uninterrupted, and at a low cost.

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