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Upload your PWA to Google play store through PWA latest feature of TWA(Trusted Web Activity)

What is possible in PWA with Trusted Web Activity

Better Discoverability PWA

Better Discoverability

Mostly people search apps on google play store. so for better discoverability, upload your pwa on google play store.


Lesser Size PWA

Lesser size

Progressive web app (PWA)have lesser size compared to native apps. This feature makes downloading pwa apps easier than native apps and consumes less memory on device.

Remove Add To Home Screen PWA

Remove “Add to Home-screen”

No more add to homescreen popup on your website that makes users irritated and confused. They can download your pwa separately on play store.

Feels Like An App PWA

Feels like an app (For Real !)

PWA provide an app like feel within native android package by hiding Url bar and other Chrome UI.


Hide URL

Address bar will hide in pwa which gives it native app like feature.

PWA Push Notifications

PWA App Push Notification

Push will works on pwa same as on native app. Users can subscribe and unsubscribe push in PWA

Work Offline PWA

Work Offline

works without internet. Pwa caches pages and save user data when internet is not available and sends data whenever internet is available.

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