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A great mobile app experience is imperative for retailers: Your most loyal customers use your app, customers abandon brands with bad experiences, and customer expectations are rising as new features used by competitors improve the in-app experience.

To help retailers benchmark their mobile apps and prioritize improvements in a feature minefield, we evaluated 15 retailer mobile apps in the US and Europe to find the best features, functionality, and user experiences.

The results were mixed; some retailers don’t deliver on app design basics, while others are testing emerging features and functions with success. To help all retailers raise the bar, we have provided best-practices for how retailers can:

Provide Easy-To-Use Digital Tools In-Store

By 2023, smartphone shopping will comprise 6% of retail and influence another 33% of offline sales. Leading retailers’ apps facilitate confident in-store purchases with scanning functionality, digital comparison tools, aisle navigators, and more. But if launching these, be careful that the experience doesn’t fail shoppers. We caught several instances of outdated inventory counts, confusing new feature interactions, and missed opportunities for location-data-based shortcuts.