How Spotify made waves across the music universe

Spotify came to the iPhone in 2009 as one of the first (legal) ways to stream music on demand on mobile. It also let you save songs for offline listening — provided you paid the monthly fee. Six years later, Spotify has tons of competition in the online streaming space (including Apple itself), but the […]

Microsoft news recap: Xbox Game Pass mobile apps get redesigned, Surface Duo launch could be …

Within it came some new features too, such as being able to select which console to install games onto, when installing via the app. Xbox Game Pass …

Coronavirus pushes users from phones to desktops

In 2013, just 16% of web traffic came from mobile phones, today that number … Since then this trend has only continued to develop in favour of mobile …

Pandemic adds fresh urgency to digital banking initiatives

The increase came in everything from mobile/remote deposit capture and digital applications for PPP loans to money transfers between accounts and …

‘Fortune’ Releases Annual Fortune 500 List

Exxon Mobile, Apple, CVS and Berkshire Hathaway, came in at three, four, five … mobile apps and OTT environments through two dedicated solutions.

AI in Quality Assurance: The Next Stage of Automation Disruption

If we sit to analyze the mobile app development journey ever since agile came into picture, we will find that the ways of how apps are delivered have …

Learn About Pokio and Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom’s Club from CEO Manuel Lopes

Pokio came from a realization that there was a need in the market for a native mobile poker app that could bring the fun factor back into online poker.

Not all Cameras appearing in app

Ever since the new app came out when I log into the app on my iphone ios 12.2. … Not all Cameras appearing in app … Online and Mobile Apps.

Desktop and web apps fail to connect, but mobile apps are fine?

So I’m running the server off of a My Cloud Home NAS using the integrated package that came with the drive. But even though everything is set up, …

Podcast: In-App Around The World

He recalls that when the IAB came out with its guidance after a long delay, it only covered desktop and mobile web. There was no solution for in-app.