How to Integrate the New ‘Sign in with Apple’ Button in Your iOS App?

Signing in with Google and Facebook has been a norm for as long as one can remember. This changed on June 3, 2019. During WWDC 2019 at San Jose, Apple announced the new ‘Sign in with Apple’. This feature will only be compatible with versions iOS13 and later. Being an iOS app development company, we […]

How to Create a Pediatrics On-demand App? (Complete Guide)

Coronavirus pandemic has changed the definition of normal. People all around the world are trying to adjust to “the new normal”. The medical sector is probably one of the sectors that have been impacted the most. According to this report by Updox, 42% of the Americans have turned to telemedicine instead of in-office appointments. Telehealth […]

3 Lessons of Jow App to Consider During Your Grocery Ordering App Development

E-commerce apps have changed the perception of shopping. Whether it is online shopping for clothes, beauty products, home appliances, or grocery, everything is now available at our fingertips. Among all these online shopping trends, groceries are gaining much more popularity and instant growth. Being a grocery shop owner, if you are aiming to expand your […]

Top 5 Homeland Security Podcasts You Must Follow in 2020

1. Homeland Insecurity About Podcast How Fear Changed America. Homeland Insecurity is a new documentary podcast from RAICES that chronicles the untold story of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). We go back to the beginning when our government built a powerful new agency in the wake of 9/11 to protect America from terrorists only […]

Seeking a Partner for the End of the World

It should be no surprise that the coronavirus has changed dating in America. Many experts, along with daters themselves, say that daters have become more likely to couple up, to lower their standards and to do what they can to find a partner to face whatever comes next. The desire for partnership is particularly pronounced […]

Tinder taught us that swiping right is the best/worst thing to happen to dating

Forget for a moment that Tinder completely changed the dating culture for an entire generation. Tinder’s biggest contribution to the app world has been its design. Before Tinder, most people had never experienced an app that relied so heavily on simple swiping. The “swipe right to like” dynamic has now been copied by scores of other apps, […]

Google’s AMP, the Canonical Web, and the Importance of Web Standards

This fundamentally changed the way the mobile web is served for many users. Another, more recent development is the support for Signed HTTP …

Educational Mobile Apps

With the growth in technologies, the internet, computers, and mobile phones have changed the way of learning. With the introduction … Read More …

Top 10 apps used in usa

Here are the 10 most popular mobile apps of 2019 that changed the mobile apps As per Comscore’s yearly U. Downloading …

25 technologies that have changed the world

Apps. Mobile apps have changed the way we consume media and communicate, from news and streaming services to texting and social media apps.

UK carrier EE reveals 45% increase in communication apps usage, doubling of voice calls since …

EE has revealed how lockdown has changed UK mobile data usage. It says it has seen a 45% increase in traffic …

Mobile Apps

… changed since the introduction of Apple’s first IPhone back in 2007. Today in 2020, we use mobile apps without even thinking about them.

Global mHealth Apps Market is set to Grow at a CAGR of 39.5% Over the Forecast Period (2019 …

The growing use of mobile devices by health professionals has changed different aspects of clinical practice. As a result, medical software applications …

Portable Hardware for Aviation Apps

The ecosystem of aviation apps that run on portable devices changed this year, with the news that Boeing purchased the developer of ForeFlight, …

The Three Things QSRs Need To Know About Order Ahead

That mobile order ahead has rapidly changed the entire landscape for … marketplaces selling access to customer QSR mobile apps and gift cards.

Watchface incorrectly changes when watch goes to sleep

This just started happening in my 5x. Nothing changed, I.e. Same watchface, possibly a software update, but now it goes back to default watchface …

Special software can help the blind access the internet, but not every website supports it. A wave of …

He changed banks after finding his financial institution’s mobile app … There is no federal law requiring businesses to design websites that work with …

Serverless Architecture is the Next Big Thing to Build and Run an Application

… changed the way server management is done forever, by introducing a serverless framework on which to deploy mobile, web, and IoT applications.

Apple, Google could be forced to ask apps to disclose foreign ties

Mobile apps have helped changed our modern lives, often for the better but sometimes also for the worse. That’s especially true for those apps that, …

Adobe Releases Aero App to Compete Head-to-Head with Apple’s Reality Composer for Mobile

… changed in the augmented reality development landscape since then, particularly in terms of options for creating AR experiences via mobile apps.