Everything You Need Know About Chatbots in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence is undoubtedly impacting the healthcare industry as the utilization of chatbots has become popular recently. Organizations are reaping benefits of these AI-enabled virtual agents for automating their routine procedures and provide clients the 24×7 attention in areas like payments, client service, and marketing. As per a report from Accenture, the AI health market […]

Does chatbot replace mobile apps? Chatbots vs Mobile Apps

Does chatbot replace mobile apps? Chatbots vs Mobile Apps. Avatar. Published. 6 hours ago. on. June 23, 2020.

Can AI-based smart messaging transform business?

Compared with mobile apps, chatbots are easier and cheaper to build as well as quicker to deploy and update. Unlike apps, chatbots require no …

Appy Pie to Introduce Chatbot Builder to Help Small Businesses Drive Better Sales & Revenue

“With our DIY chatbot builder, SMBs can easily build their own chatbots and add it to their business websites and mobile apps in a matter of minutes …