How To Download & Install Progressive Web Apps Via Google Chrome

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are, in effect, web applications that can be downloaded and installed from Google Chrome and run like native apps. But learning how to download or install a PWA in Chrome isn’t necessarily the most intuitive process. Even if it is easy once learned. Now, PWAs come with a whole lot of […]

Chrome 86 Takes Your Android, Desktop Security More Seriously

Chrome version 86 has arrived and it’s bringing big security improvements to both Android and desktop platforms. That’s based on a recent blog post from the company, detailing the changes. Now, most of the security improvements in Chrome 86 are hitting Android, rather than desktop Chrome. In fact, at least one new feature has already […]

Google Search begins testing dark mode for mobile web, here’s how to try it [Gallery]

For example, the shade of blue used appears to be slightly darker in Chrome than it is on the Google Search app for Android.

How to use mobile data in airplane mode

Now open Chrome browser or any app that uses mobile data. Enter the website you want to surf. If you are using any social media apps, refresh the …

Use Teams on the web

The Microsoft Teams web app works for most desktop browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. … Desktop Mobile.. Find the …

How to test Chrome extensions in Selenium

var chromeOptions =; chromeOptions: [ binary: ‘/Applications/ Chrome’, …

Want to work from home in the UAE? Try these apps

The app works on Windows, MacOS, and Linux, as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android. Chrome Remote desktop. Chrome Remote Desktop is a …

If Chrome fixes privacy too fast it could break the web, Google exec warns

But on Tuesday, a Google Chrome leader warned that trying to make that change too soon could actually hurt the web by driving developers to mobile …

Intercept X for Mobile

Mobile Threat Defense for Android, iOS, and Chrome OS. Android Download for Android … Stops mobile specific threats missed by mobile app stores:.

Mobile Web Browsers Market has huge growth in industry : Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari (Apple …

Mobile Web Browsers Market has huge growth in industry : Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari (Apple), UC Browser, Internet Explorer (Windows) … market competition landscape, SWOT analysis and development plans in next few years.

Chrome extensions for android mobile

But don’t be disappointed as there is a way with which you can quickly add extensions to Chrome on PC/Mac from Chrome mobile app. 0.

Chromebooks will more easily sideload Android apps with Chrome OS 80

That won’t be the case with Chrome OS 80, though — that release will add a native sideloading option for Android app APKs, according to Google.