No Stadia Support On The New Chromecast Makes No Damn Sense

Earlier this week Google announced its new Chromecast with Google TV, and support for Stadia was not on the list of features. It’s a move that makes no damn sense. Stadia is Google’s cloud gaming platform/service that’s been out since last November. Nearly a year. And it still hasn’t officially been released for Android TV […]

Google TV App Is Available, But It’s More Or Less Useless At The Moment

Google’s online event saw the arrival of a lot of new products. And along with the new Chromecast, Google also introduced the new Google TV. Google TV is an app that just landed on the Play Store. This new app that powers the new Chromecast is now available for users on the Play Store. However, […]

Here’s How You Can Install Google TV UI On Android TV

Google introduced a new Google TV UI with the new Chromecast during the recently concluded online event. Well, the standalone app of Google TV is available to download from the Play Store. However, the app itself neither brings any new features, not it does anything for Android TV devices. But in the future, all Android […]

Save $50 on the new Xgimi Mogo Pro portable 1080p Android TV projector

Thankfully, because the projector also supports Chromecast, it’s a simple matter to stream video from just about any app that’s on your phone or tablet.