The Fitness Industry is Booming! 3 Lessons of Fitplan (Best Workout App) for Personal Trainers and Fitness Startups

Are you a fitness startup or a pear personal fitness coach who is planning to expand his fitness studios? What better option than a fitness app? The fitness industry is projected to reach $99.9bn in 2019 and is expected to grow $106bn by 2020. With such rapid growth, the fastest way to engage your audience […]

There’s an app to help veterans deal with COVID-19 stress

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs on Monday announced the launch of the COVID Coach app, a mobile app designed to help veterans and …

React Native Lead

Coach and mentor team members on React Native development best … or web development experience; Experience with UI development is required. … concerns and mitigation strategies when development mobile applications.

The Perfect Apps to Support Moms

RICHMOND, Va. – Deborah Porter is a popular life coach that founded Mom’s Mentoring Circle. She shared three mobile apps that will make life easier …