Cardiogram: Your Personal Health Monitor

Our Rating 3.9 Cardiogram app is a complete app which observes and collects data for a holistic health report. It analyses and helps you understand your sleep cycle, health, stress levels and fitness through its simple charts. It is one of the best heart rate monitors which work with android as well as iOS wearable […]

Why does your application need a Privacy Policy clause?

When you run a mobile app that collects personal information from its users, then you need a Privacy Policy to abide by the legislation around the world. However, even if your app does not precisely collect personal data, you may still need a Privacy Policy, primarily when you utilize a third-party tool like Google Analytics […]

Can Investing in Artificial Intelligence Increase Starbucks Sales?

When customers use the mobile app, the company collects data about their preferences. Combining this with knowledge of Starbucks shops in the …