Twitter is slowing down the rollout of its new “Fleets” feature due to performance issues

Twitter has launched globally its Instagram-story-like feature, called “Fleets” just several days ago, and now, Engadget reports that if you don’t have it yet, you might not get it as soon as you would have expected. Apparently, the social media platform is experiencing stability issues with the new feature and its rollout will be slowed […]

Twitter slows down rollout of new disappearing Fleets

Ephemeral tweets called fleets will appear at the top of a user’s timeline.  Twitter Twitter has slowed down the release of its new Fleets feature, saying it needs “to fix some performance and stability problems.” Fleets is Twitter’s attempt to capitalize on the popularity of other social media platforms like Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram by […]

For Better Or Worse, Twitter Rolls Out ‘Fleets’ To Everyone

Twitter has started rolling out ‘Fleets’ to everyone. Whether you like it or not, Twitter’s disappearing stories will now be an integral part of the application… and no, you cannot turn them off. If you’re using Instagram, Facebook, or a number of other apps that support such a feature, you’ll be right at home here. […]

Twitter’s Instagram story-like feature, Fleets, is now available globally

Months ago, Twitter was testing an Instagram Story-like feature, called Fleets, but its release date was unknown. Fleets are basically Tweets that disappear after 24 hours, just like Instagram or Snapchat stories, and now, Mobile Syrup reports they are available globally. The concept behind this feature is simply to make floating, momentary thoughts not permanent […]

Coast Guard extends mobile connectivity to distressed mariners with ‘i911’

The i911 application allows Coast Guard fleets to access phone location data through a web-based interface for mariners in need of a rescue, …