Google Working On Speeding Up App Installs On New Android Phones

Good news if you frequently migrate from one smartphone to another. As per a new report by XDA, Google engineers are working on the “Install Hints” feature for speeding up the installation of important apps on new Android phones. These days smartphones with new features are being launched left, right, and center. So, this gives […]

Developer Perspective: Using Low-Code for Cross-Platform Development

Developers are frequently challenged with turning legacy applications into modern business apps that can work cross-platform. Here’s how one developer used low code software to make it happen. Tech consultant Terry Large had a big decision to make when it was clear he had to modernize his more-than-40-year old application CAL Trax, which tracks public […]

What Are All The Different Phases Of Mobile App Development?

Front-End : Front-end refers to the native mobile app part an end-user uses all the time or frequently. Essentially, mobile apps have an interactive user …

Deep Dive: Securing P2P Apps Against Scams And ATOs

Payment apps are also frequently used for splitting bills among friends and … to steal personal details such as addresses, emails or phone numbers.

Italy: Mobile apps used by Millennials 2019

This statistic shows the apps used most frequently by Italian Millennials in 2019, broken down by category.


This is very frustrating. I use the mobile app frequently and keep the database file synched with my desktop version. Is there any chance of this decision …

Higher risk of no certificate pinning on mobile apps vs web apps?

Talking with people, it is frequently considered that having a mobile application without certificate pinning is a vulnerability. But i rarely see people …

Google Announces Flutter 1.12, Adobe XD Support, Big Plans

Google also revealed that it is using Flutter more frequently for its own mobile apps. And the Stadia app is the latest example. “Flutter enabled us to …