Houseparty brings group videocall fun to Fortnite on PC, PS4, and PS5

Gaming is better served multiplayer. It’s way more fun to play with friends and the rise of massively multiplayer titles proves it. But one app aims to make the experience even more fun – Houseparty. The app offers a social video calling service on macOS, iOS, Android, and Chrome and now the company behind it […]

Snapchat creates lens to help you reconnect with friends amid COVID-19

The future looks different. Snap Snapchat on Wednesday rolled out a tool to help friends reconnect via augmented reality amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The Friendship Time Capsule uses machine learning to let users “get a glimpse of their friendship in a variety of scenarios in the future,” the company said in a statement.  To use […]

Five Essential Android Apps For the Novice Traveler – AppsGeyser

The phone is a great companion while traveling. It allows you to talk to your agent, friends, and relatives even as you capture the beautiful moments. However, a few apps will change your travel experience in multiple unimaginable ways. I have used the phone to get a professional to do my programming homework and complete […]

10 best road trip apps for Android

Road tripping is a worldwide pastime. Sometimes it’s great to get in the car and see what’s out there. Here are the best road trip apps to help you out!

Facebook just stole one of Myspace’s worst features

Facebook’s latest test feature will make creeping on your friends even easier. Image: lili sams/mashable By Brett Williams2017-09-20 16:33:50 UTC Facebook may have just taken a page out of MySpace’s playbook: It’s now testing a creepy feature that broadcasts your friends online activity status right on their profile page.  Mashable Business reporter Kerry Flynn first […]

Candy Crush Friends Saga Hits $200 Million as Franchise Breaks $1 Billion in 2020

Candy Crush Friends Saga from King has surpassed $200 million in lifetime player spending, according to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence estimates. Launched in October 2018, the title is the fourth entry into the Candy Crush series on mobile. Friends Saga is the No. 3 grossing game in the franchise so far in 2020, generating approximately […]

Deep Dive: Securing P2P Apps Against Scams And ATOs

Payment apps are also frequently used for splitting bills among friends and … to steal personal details such as addresses, emails or phone numbers.

Best tools for testing mobile Apps (on ios) on my window laptop

Hello Friends, Can someone suggest me the best testing tools for mobile apps? I am building an app and want to test it on my laptop.. Also, what are …

Three Best-Practices to Align Web Development With SEO

“Make friends with your Web designer” is smart advice for an SEO … A separate mobile site is typically a subdomain that companies use to host a …

Google Duo calls may soon work without a phone number

Google Duo is one of the simplest apps for making video calls with friends and family, but it’s been limited by the fact that it generally requires a phone …

PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Google and Facebook: Rating the mobile payment apps

We tested the seven major peer-to-peer mobile payment apps, sending dollars to friends and family to see just how easy the apps were to use and, …

group game mobile apps

What are the best game apps that my friends and I can play remotely from our phones (iOS and Android)?

How To Simplify Your Money During The Coronavirus Crisis

Third-party apps and most bank mobile apps let you send money to friends for free. Banking apps also have a nifty feature to remote deposit paper …

Worldwide Available Survey Apps

This post is for my crypto talk forum friends. Not too much panic with this topic and tell me the top and best-paying survey app for worldwide available.

Android app referral program

Get users to refer your mobile app to their friends with a fast and fun customer referral program. Recently we have also shared best 3D Games for …

Origin friends don’t show up on mobile apps

I can see all of my friends on the origin desktop app however when I go to play on the EA Scrabble mobile app none of my friends appear as of 8pm.