10 Best Fundraising Apps of 2020 for Nonprofits

For nonprofits, raising sufficient funds can be a challenge. Conventional methods like organizing campaigns in specific areas may fetch some, but not enough funding. It is thus, important to understand the user mindset in this regard. It is a fact that this generation has an unwavering inclination towards technology and its usage in every aspect […]

Venmo takes on Apple with its new credit card

PayPal’s Venmo allows users to send and receive funds through a smartphone app available through the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. A Venmo subscriber can link his debit and bank accounts with the app to fund purchases or to transfer funds into a bank account. Venmo charges nothing for payments made using […]

Open Banking For The Unbanked: How The Pandemic Is Affecting Innovation In LatAm

These individuals can begin spending funds more swiftly in the marketplace, she added, or pay bills or top up their mobile phone accounts, for example.

Cumberland County Schools, 14 others win coding and mobile app grants

In the first few rounds of coding and mobile app grants awarded, districts used the funds to provide professional development for teachers, develop …

Petpal-pro – Mobile app to reduce risk in dogparks, by Dana Dane

Dana Dane is raising funds for Petpal-pro – Mobile app to reduce risk in dogparks, on Kickstarter! We are a small Australian start-up. Petpal-pro is a …

Akimbo, a mobile app to build mental fitness in young adults

Akimbo is raising funds for Akimbo, a mobile app to build mental fitness in young adults on Kickstarter! Helps young adults get the skills and mindset to …

Key of Life App by Key of Life

Key of Life is raising funds for Key of Life App on Kickstarter! A mobile application to maintain health information and medical records.

Mobile Journalism Apps

Shoot and edit visual sequences with your smartphone. AEJMC/Knight Grant Funds Work on Light Rail Mobile App further development of a …