Thanks to Nvidia’s cloud streaming platform, Fortnite is returning to iOS

When developer Epic Games gave Fortnite players the opportunity to save a few dollars by making payments through its own platform instead of Apple’s, the game was booted out of the App Store. Apple’s regulations, which Epic agreed to, allow Apple to kick out games and developers that try to bypass Apple’s 30% cut of […]

Samsung Private Share uses the magic of blockchain to share files securely

You’ve all heard of blockchain by now. It’s the super-secure payment transaction network that gave rise to the cryptocurrency craze a couple of years ago. By design, this technology decentralizes the stored data and eliminates a number of risks that come with data being held centrally. Many big companies are trying to utilize the power […]

The Trump administration gave TikTok more time to reach a deal.

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration gave TikTok’s Chinese owner more time to reach a deal to sell the app, after demanding that it divest its interest in the social media service over national security concerns. President Trump had signed an executive order in August requiring that TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, sell any assets that allowed […]

Project Reunion: Microsoft’s unified app strategy is still missing one piece

… but it became a complete non-starter once Microsoft gave up its ambitions for mobile devices. How many developers of productivity apps want them …

Tencent Quietly Offers a Cut of WeChat’s Revenues to Apple

These streamlined versions of mobile apps ran within WeChat, and effectively gave Tencent a mobile app ecosystem which was detached from iOS …