Mobile App Idea by Our App Consultant: 5 Features to Consider While Developing Apps for Homeless People in the U.S.A

In this technologically advanced mobile apps genre, one can easily contribute to the ‘economic dislocation’ created in society. There are many problems like unemployment, food and water scarcity, lack of education, and poverty. But out of all these problems housing crisis and poverty are giving space to “homelessness.” What can possibly be done to eliminate […]

Uber for Tutoring App Development: Consider 3 Lessons of Snapask

The Uber for Tutoring genre is an exploring and growing platform for e-learning startups. Private coaching centers, institutes, education startups, which are planning to invest in education app development, must have a quick look at these 3 lessons from Snapask, a Hong Kong-based tutoring app which has amassed $20million in funding along the way. The […]

15 best idle tap games for Android

Idle tap games aren’t for everyone, but we’re still rounding up the best idle tap games for Android!