Is GraphQL Right for My Project?

By now you’ve probably heard the buzz around GraphQL. If you haven’t, check out the first post in our series, What is GraphQL? to get a basic understanding. Proponents of GraphQL will tell stories of API consumers asking for exactly the data they need and getting it back in a concise package, formatted exactly […]

What is GraphQL?

GraphQL can revolutionize your product by improving performance, reducing friction between development teams, and even helping with documentation. But it’s important to understand the tool before deciding if it’s the right one for the job. This is the first post in a series that intends to give a strong foundational knowledge to anyone […]

Inside Farmer’s Fridge Next Order of Business: A Fresh New App and Cloud Upgrade

After the decision to move forward with GraphQL, Farmer’s Fridge mobile engineering team re-architected their iOS and Google Play apps in Swift and …


graphql-passport-auth-fileupload. It is a GraphQL project with Passport Authentication and Single and Multi File Upload functionality. Create Laravel …