How Much Does It Cost to Create an On-Demand Delivery App?

There’s a growing demand for package delivery. In this article, we tell you how much it costs to build an on-demand delivery app and how to make it successful.

How Ad Networks Can Find High-Quality Leads – MobileAction Blog

In a market that is growing every day, it might be extremely challenging for Ad Networks to find the most profitable app developers to bring the advertisers and publishers together, all the while keeping track of what other Ad Networks are up to. It is a constant struggle for ad networks to keep an eye […]

Apple Halves Its App Store Fee for the Smaller Companies

Apple, facing growing antitrust scrutiny over what it charges other companies for access to its App Store, said on Wednesday that it would cut in half the fee it took from the smallest app developers. Developers that brought in $1 million or less from their apps in the previous year will pay a 15 percent […]

Low-Code Development Platform Market is thriving worldwide by top key players like Salesforce …

The emerging penetration of smartphones, growing web, and mobile-based apps are propelling the market share of the global low-code development …

Healthcare App Ideas: Top 11 App Ideas for the Healthcare Startups

Even before the pandemic, the mobile health market was growing exponentially. According to a report by mHealth Times, the global mobile health market is expected to see the annual growth rate of 33.5% between 2015-2020. You can expect that with the pandemic, we will see the industry grow bigger than estimates. It won’t be false […]

Top 6 Marijuana Apps Like Leafly | Best Weed Apps

With the growing acceptance of medical and recreational marijuana with market size of over $8 Billion, according to a report by IBISWorld, the cannabis industry today has become one of the fastest-growing industries in the US. This is an ideal time to invest in weed apps for Android and iOS like Leafly and PotBot. Owners […]

4 Tips to Develop the Best Karaoke App That a Vocal Training Startup Should Consider

The media and entertainment industry is growing with technological advancements. We didn’t find this as a surprise. A simple phenomenon that we humans follow is to earn and keep ourselves entertained. The most handy option to entertain anywhere, anytime, is a smartphone and a music app. If you are a vocal training startup looking for […]

Uber for Tutoring App Development: Consider 3 Lessons of Snapask

The Uber for Tutoring genre is an exploring and growing platform for e-learning startups. Private coaching centers, institutes, education startups, which are planning to invest in education app development, must have a quick look at these 3 lessons from Snapask, a Hong Kong-based tutoring app which has amassed $20million in funding along the way. The […]

OnePlus Zen Mode 2.0 will soon be available to more Android phones

Interest in digital wellbeing and being present in the moment is growing, and as we all know, there are some apps that help you do that. OnePlus Zen Mode is also one such feature: it helps you stay away from your phone and therefore focus on life. The mode was exclusive to OnePlus phones but […]

Mobile Application Security Market 2020 Predictable to Witness Sustainable Evolution Over 2026

The Rapid Development in Web and Mobile-Based Applications. A Rise in Cyber-Attacks Issues. The Rapidly Growing Internet Usage Service.

Why Node.js is Best For Real-Time Application Development

In this digital era when time’s value is growing constantly, developing apps that users can interact with in real-time has become a regulation for most of the developers. Whether it’s a web app, desktop app, or a mobile app, each has at least one real-time feature incorporated. For instance, two highly used real-time features included […]

8 Reasons Coding for Kids is Not Just Another Fad – AppsGeyser

Is Coding a Fad? In short, no. Coding is a field that is growing and changing quickly; there is a world of opportunity for young students looking to get involved in the tech world. Opponents to this position might argue that today’s popular languages, like Python, won’t be used ten or fifteen years down the […]

What to Do With Your New Mobile App Idea? – 7 Litigable Steps

The mobile app world is flourishing faster than a beanstalk. The app industry is huge and growing daily with new ideas and endless insights. The sky is the limit when it comes to new, creative, and unique mobile app ideas, but the important question is – what to do with this mobile app idea? What […]

What to Do With Your New Mobile App Idea? – 7 Litigable Steps

The mobile app world is flourishing faster than a beanstalk. The app industry is huge and growing daily with new ideas and endless insights. The sky is the limit when it comes to new, creative, and unique mobile app ideas, but the important question is – what to do with this mobile app idea? What […]

Help the AdMob team help you

We often hear from developers that you’re looking for tips and ideas for growing your app. Our team of apps experts are constantly building new resources and insights to help developers like you grow your business. We regularly share personalized suggestions for your app via email in addition to news on the latest product features. […]

YouTube is about to shake up mobile live streaming in a big way

Image: bRittany Herbert/Mashable By Saba Hamedy2016-06-23 17:05:07 -0700 ANAHEIM, California — Add YouTube to the growing list of digital companies doubling down on mobile live streaming. The Google-owned video giant announced Thursday it is finally offering live streaming on its mobile app. The news, dropped during YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki’s keynote at VidCon, comes after […]

15 Web Design Companies & Agencies in Austin Helping Businesses Dominate the Digital Space

And as a result, web development employment keeps growing each year. … marketing automation, content creation and mobile app development.

What is back-end web development?

There is a constantly growing demand for websites and mobile development services. We spend a lot of our time online, which is why every company …

New book reveals what it takes to become a successful front-end developer

… along with the growing popularity of mobile devices, front-end development has … Myers has taken his vast experience as a web developer and has … disclosed the list of Top 10+ Mobile App Development

The Mobile & Web industries are growing at a faster pace, but one may find it to be a tough task to pick the best company amongst the competitors.

2025 Growth: Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) Market 2020 | Present Scenario and Growth Prospects …

Growing adoption of mobile devices and smartphones, rising popularity of mobile apps and growing need for higher productivity are some of the major …

Review of Mobile Apps for Prevention and Management of Opioid-Related Harm

Opioid-related harm is a major public health concern in Canada and abroad. There is a growing market of mobile apps that focus on preventing and …

Best ipad productivity apps

Adobe Photoshop Fix iOS is useful for people who need creative cloud integration, it joins the growing number of the company’s mobile apps feeding …

Sw Dev Engineer – Mobile / iOS (Blink)

We are seeking dynamic software development engineers to join our growing mobile app team. The Role: We are looking for passionate, hard-working, …

Top 10+ Leading Mobile App Development Companies In USA 2020 announced by …

With the growing demand for mobile apps, so many businesses are looking to develop a mobile app but in this cut to cut competition its tough to stand …

The growing impact of Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps

The growing impact of Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps. Published. 4 hours ago. on. June 2, 2020. By.

Top 10+ Mobile App development companies In Italy 2020 Shared By …

Mobile apps are growing mainstream & businesses from each and every industry are relying on applications to meet client requirements. Every business …

New McKinsey Report Sees A $4 Trillion Gold Rush In This One Hot Sector. Who’s Selling Picks …

This helped spawn the mobile apps market—now the fastest growing segment of the industry—which alone is expected to reach nearly $200 billion in …

Food delivery app iFood’s orders Brazil 2019

Fastest growing mobile app categories 2018. Statista Accounts: … Statistics on “Mobile apps in the United Kingdom (UK) – Market Overview”. The most …

Analysis on New Product Launches in COVID-19 Related Markets-Global Automotive Parking …

The growing popularity of mobile apps and connectivity solutions is expected to be one of the key trends in the automotive parking heater market. App- …