Best Workout Apps of 2020: Home Workout & Nutrition

There are many ways to get fit and even more applications to ensure that you stay fit and eat healthy. From workout hacks to a personal trainer, yoga, pilates, or some other form of exercise. You can easily get the best app to help achieve your fitness goals through this detailed list of best personal […]

Top 9 Best Android Apps For Couples 2020

Being in a healthy, long-lasting relationship is what most people want, but many of them don’t get. it’s not exactly easy finding the right person these days, and there could be a lot of reasons why that is. That being said, the apps you’ll read about in this article won’t help you find your significant […]

Home Health Notify App: Helping Clinicians get Org

Our Rating 4.7 Health is the most important aspect of an individual’s lifestyle. A healthy individual is always a better worker with more productivity, a better social individual with a better personal and professional life balance. We rely on experienced health care professionals including doctors, to stay healthy; often giving them a call or two […]

Calendar.Ai: A must-have app for all professionals

Our Rating 4.7 Sadly, a day is made up of just 24 hours, which includes a healthy working time of 7-8 hours daily. But, humans as we are, and the amount of things that we do and need to cope with on a daily basis, requires much more time than that and not to mention […]

Phunware Enables Safer Gatherings with New “Healthy Spaces” Mobile App

@phunware (NASDAQ:PHUN) releases its new mobile application software, Healthy Spaces, to help people and businesses track and monitor …

Espyr Introduces New Mobile App for Its Fit to Pass Program for Professional Drivers

… new mobile app for its Fit to Pass program, which promotes healthy lifestyles for drivers and assists them in passing the DOT re-certification exams.

5 Ways to increase hotel occupancy with mobile apps

The hotel mobile apps achieve a competitive edge and create a healthy and attractive environment for travellers post COVID-19 going touch-free.

Cedar Fair Expands Mobile Apps to Promote Healthy Guest Experience

Cedar Fair has announced it has added new technology to its mobile apps to help create a healthy and safe park experience for customers and …

Mobile Medical Apps Market 2020 Is Thriving Worldwide with Medtronic, Apple, AirStrip, AliveCor …

Global mobile medical apps market is registering a healthy CAGR of 34.20% in the forecast period of 2019-2026. The report contains data from the …

Louisiana’s mobile health app boosts Medicaid enrollment

The Louisiana Department of Health launched a mobile application called Healthy Louisiana in 2018 to help streamline Medicaid enrollment. With the …

Mobile App

Connecticut Children’s Mobile App Launching December 2019! Grow healthy, on the go! Find digital support for your child’s health care journey with …