How to Find App Developers in 2021? [+Best Places to Hire]

We know that your app idea is close to your heart. You wouldn’t want any slightest mistakes when it comes to hiring the best app developers for your app development project. Your one wrong choice of hiring will put everything at stake. Finding the right app developers is a crucial process. Therefore, we, one of […]

How to Deliver Excellent Customer Service, Every Time – Bizness Apps

If you compare a business to the human body, there’s no doubt customer service is at the heart. It’s more than just a conversation answering a client’s question, it’s the accumulation of every interaction the client has with your business – it’s the pilot smiling from the cockpit as you board the plane, the barista […]

Heart Watch App: The Holistic Heart Analyzer

Our Rating 4.8 If the human body is meant to work like a machine naturally, the ‘human heart’ is its engine. And, we are all well aware that no machine works without a well-oiled engine. The Heart Watch app is the best heart rate monitor app for the apple watch that ensures complete monitoring of the […]

The Heart & Health Medical Patient Mobile App

Getting set up with the Heart & Health Mobile App is easy. Download the app using one of the two options below. Once your profile is approved and …

MyCareLink Heart

For patients who like using their smartphones or tablets to stay connected, the MyCareLink Heart™ mobile app can be used to automatically send …

Button Teams Up With Adjust to Help Marketers Fuel Their Mobile Affiliate Growth

Born at the heart of the mobile app economy and grown out of a passion for technology, the company now has 16 offices around the world. Adjust’s …

How Brick-and-Mortar Banks Can Seize The Digital Moment

This question is at the heart of the Building A Better App Playbook: The FI … trends, in particular the demand for highly functional mobile card apps.

I Heart Mac & Cheese launches mobile app

I Heart Mac & Cheese, a fast casual concept specializing in customizable, made-to-order macaroni and cheese bowls and grilled cheese sandwiches, …

Multiple ISSUES with Current APP and two devices and an IPhone with 13.1

Mobile Apps & Web … My Vivosport has a different issue: The APP doesn’t report heart rate: (but if I go the graph… … The iPhone app release is