Home Health Notify App: Helping Clinicians get Org

Our Rating 4.7 Health is the most important aspect of an individual’s lifestyle. A healthy individual is always a better worker with more productivity, a better social individual with a better personal and professional life balance. We rely on experienced health care professionals including doctors, to stay healthy; often giving them a call or two […]

Adventures of Mana: Epic Combat, Real-like Effects

Our Rating 4.3 In a life and lifestyle full of stress, Mobile Games and their Intricate worlds seem to attract millennials no end. They tend to enter these worlds as a character they may like and become a part of it; sometimes even forgetting the issues they may be facing in real life. For some […]

Staying home and staying active with mobile apps

People are turning to their mobile devices to help them adapt to a lifestyle primarily indoors. With gyms and fitness studios temporarily closed, mobile …

Poq Helps Retailers Engage Customers with Tinder-Like App Swipes

Late February and early March saw a spike in mobile app downloads for fashion and lifestyle brands and services. By Fiona Ma on March 30, 2020.

Women’s Lifestyle App BestSelf TV Launches on Roku

Women’s Lifestyle App BestSelf TV Launches on Roku … iOS and Android mobile apps and apps on other OTT platforms are set to launch later this …

Marlboro mobile coupons app for android

Download Marlboro 1.0 for Android. This is Marlboro wallpaper app. Marlboro is not a brand of cigarette, its a lifestyle. Marlboro Reds are the favourite …