Anti-tracking feature shows up in iOS 14.4 beta

The feature coming to iOS that Facebook is up in arms about is beginning to surface in the iOS 14.4 beta. Once the stable version of the update has been disseminated, iOS users will receive prompts from certain apps asking them for permission to track their visits to other sites and apps. This data is […]

21 Restaurant Mission and Vision Statements for 2020

On the surface, restaurant mission and vision statements are just a sentence or two about why a business exists. They can seem insignificant compared to the daily grind of attracting customers, serving great food, and growing your restaurant. However, these statements are important. Defining your restaurant’s mission, vision, and beliefs will help guide strategic decisions […]

Toronto, Ontario Canada

The product surface area includes the mobile apps for our shoppers and the logistics and routing systems that deliver the goods for our customers.

Surface Duo: Check Out Live Photos Of Microsoft’s Dual-Screen Phone

Known as the Surface Duo, it blurs the line between smartphones and tablets by offering separate displays that run apps simultaneously. You’ll get the …

This is Microsoft’s vision for dual-screen apps on Windows 10X and Android

Microsoft is also releasing an Android emulator for the Surface Duo today to allow devs to test mobile apps. A Windows 10X emulator for the Surface …

How Banks Can Drive Digital Footfall To Their Advantage

Consumers are an increasingly hot commodity in banking. … Consider how some airline mobile apps surface ride-hailing buttons as soon as the …